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Fujitsu: 'Trustable Internet' Could tackle Fake News

Fujitsu has proposed an "endorsement layer" on top of the Internet to tackle bogus information. It's an idea that would certainly face both technological and societal challenges. The idea comes in a white paper (a report designed to provoke ... discussion) written alongside Keio University in Japan. It explores the idea of a "trustable Internet in which people can use information securely." (Source: ) The concept is simple, if abstract. The writers propose a system that "overlays a layer on the Internet, which has a mechanism to confirm the credibility of the ... (view more)

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Fujitsu Unveils GPS-Enabled Walking Cane

Fujitsu has revealed a special, high-tech walking cane with built-in satellite navigation features. The firm has also unveiled a smartphone specially designed for elderly users. Fujitsu's 'Next Generation Cane' allows users to set a route and get ... directions through an LED display positioned at the top of the handle. That display provides directions in the form of a a large yellow arrow; if the user turns the wrong way, the handle vibrates to alert them. (Source: ) The device also allows friends and family to track a user's location. It's possible to set the cane to send an email ... (view more)

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Fujitsu Boss Blames Windows 8 for Slow PC Sales

The president of Fujitsu, a major PC manufacturer, has now blamed Windows 8 for the company missing its most recent sales targets. Some reports indicate Fujitsu computer sales are less than 80% of what they were a year ago, when the highly popular ... Windows 7 was the operating system of choice. PC makers like Fujitsu often count on new versions of Windows to boost hardware sales. This is because many consumers wait until the release of a new operating system (OS) to purchase a long-desired computer. Fujitsu Sales Take a Plunge However, at least one report says that sales of Fujitsu PCs running ... (view more)

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Fujitsi Unveils Impressive Business-Class Win7 Tablet

Fujitsu may not be the first brand name one thinks of when asked about prominent PC makers, but that could change with the announcement of its upcoming Stylistic Q550, which will be one of the very first Windows 7 tablet computers to hit retail ... stores. In a marketplace currently gobbling up tablet devices (to the tune of 4.5 million units during the last financial quarter), Fujitsu has a real opportunity to one-up big name competitors like Hewlett-Packard (HP) and Toshiba. Fujitsu Q550: Functional, Business-Savvy Hardware According to Fujitsu, the Q550 -- which is reportedly being built for a ... (view more)

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