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Man Uses Ring Camera, Sonic Waves to Deter Pests

A man has "trained" his Ring camera system to detect and deter badgers and foxes. It's an example of machine learning having a practical purpose. James Milward developed the comically-titled "Furbinator 3000" after being frustrated by the unwanted ... visitors damaging his garden. He also feared they could carry diseases that would be a risk to his two young children. He tried several traditional solutions without success, before deciding an ultrasonic repellent was the only solution. However, this had several limitations including that they were triggered during the day by humans, leading him to ... (view more)

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Twitter Hackers Report Obama Dead

Fox News has reported that one of its Twitter accounts was recently breached by hackers. The hacked account was then used to post fake reports that President Barack Obama had been assassinated in Iowa while visiting a local restaurant. (Source: ... ) Fake Tweet Stays Live for 9 Hours It's not known for sure who was behind the attack, though there are a number of suspects. Whoever it was, they made fixing the problem a hassle by changing account passwords, preventing Fox News from easily removing the post and offering an explanation. In total, the falsified tweet stayed live for about nine ... (view more)

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'Swift Fox', and 'Outlook Desktop'

Swift Fox Swiftfox is an optimized build of Mozilla Firefox. Swiftfox has builds for both AMD and Intel processors. The trunk is the most cutting edge of all the builds and is where Firefox 3 is being developed. Branch builds are built from a code ... base that has been tested much more than the trunk and therefore should be considered to be more stable. If you want your security patches as soon as possible and require a browser built from a stable code base this build is perfect for you. Outlook Desktop This little program will place the Microsoft Outlook Calendaring ... (view more)

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MySpace Coming To A Cell Phone Near You

Fox Interactive Media has revealed their plans to offer MySpace and other types of social networking services for free on cell phones in the coming months. Fox Interactive Media, which is a major division of News Corp., added that they will solely ... rely on the financial support of advertisers to alleviate the burden of adding costs for the service. Fox is hoping to entice an ever-expanding audience of social networking enthusiasts keen on using their mobile devices to check the latest news and results from the world of sports and entertainment. The mobile version of MySpace will allow users to ... (view more)

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