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NSA To Scale Back Email Snooping

The National Security Agency (NSA) is to revise a controversial program that let it read emails from US citizens without a warrant. It also says it will delete many of the messages it collected in this way. The program has been dubbed "Section 702 ... activities", named after the relevant part of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. Such activities are significant because they are an exception to the general principle that the NSA doesn't carry out surveillance within the US, something that would normally bring constitutional rights to privacy into play. Section 702 allowed ... (view more)

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Translate Emails, Docs in Foreign Languages

The Internet and its impact on globalization has changed the way we communicate around the world. Boundaries have become virtually limitless and large distances are instantly accessible. These changes let us get acquainted with other people and ... languages: but how do we communicate with people in foreign countries? Here are some tools and tricks to help overcome language barriers. Gmail Translator Among many widgets, Gmail provides a translator letting you translate emails written in a foreign language to any other language. To activate it follow this procedure: 1. Login to your Gmail. 2. In ... (view more)

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Google Testifies to Congress on Immigration

Google vice president Laszlo Bock testified before Congress on Wednesday, urging the legislative body to allow for more foreign hiring. Bock, vice president of people operations at Google, said that the company may not exist if co-founder Sergey ... Brin and his parents had not been able to flee from the Soviet Union to the US decades ago. Bock's testimony was part of a hearing focused on business community perspectives of immigration law alterations. "Within Google, there are countless examples of immigrants and non-immigrant foreign workers playing a vital role in our company," Bock said. "It ... (view more)

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