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Apple Considers Auto-Folding Phone

Apple has patented a folding smartphone that would automatically close up when dropped in an attempt to protect the screen. Several manufacturers of high-end smartphones already offer folding display screens. The idea is to allow a much larger ... screen size without being too bulky for a pocket. Analysts note one of the reasons Apple has yet to make a folding iPhone is fears that folding screens are more vulnerable to cracking, particularly when dropped. It's possible it may have intentionally waited for other manufacturers to lead the way so that it can then see such problems with a new ... (view more)

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The Cancer-Curing-Console? PS3 To Be Used For Disease Research

The computer network Folding@Home , responsible for researching protein development and supply, has announced its intent to introduce a service on the highly-anticipated Playstation 3 (PS3). The console, developed by Sony and reportedly ready to ... launch this November, will apparently be used for such research because of its powerful Cell processor. Folding@Home -- whose name sounds more like an Ikea knock-off than a cancer research company -- believes the PS3 Cell processor can help achieve incredible database performance. Folding@Home intends to compound the production of Sony's wares by ... (view more)

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