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Liquid Metal Could Transform Computer Memory

Researchers in China have found a way to make flexible computer memory using liquid metal. It could one day revolutionize the physical design of computer devices. Anyone who has handled either internal computer RAM or a flash memory device will know ... that bending them even slightly would not end well. That's partly because the electronics is housed on often-brittle plastics, but partly because those electronics need to be flat and inflexible themselves. In very simple terms, RAM uses flat, two-dimensional electronic grids. Each point where a horizontal and vertical line crosses is a cell that ... (view more)

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Consumer Electronics Show: Flexible Smartphones, TV

One of the most anticipated revelations at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas involves a new line of smartphones that boast the ability to bend and twist while retaining all of their normal functions and features. Samsung, the flexible ... smartphone's maker, is already heavily invested in stretchy, unbreakable mobile phone screens. The company's new product is rumored to be so flexible it can fold up and fit into a standard-sized wallet. Samsung's bendy screens are reportedly in the final stages of development. Now the firm is apparently promising to ship devices using these unique ... (view more)

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Scientists: Human Proteins to Power Tech Gadgets

Researchers at Tel Aviv University in Israel have successfully created man-made, biodegradable transistors derived from proteins found in a mixture of blood, milk and mucus. Mixed together, the concoction is able to self-assemble into a ... semi-conducting film. This could revolutionize the tech industry by helping manufacturers produce devices that are both more flexible and biodegradable. According to the science behind the substances, the different proteins contain unique properties that combine to make a better transistor. The oxygen storing ability of blood, for example, helps mix chemicals ... (view more)

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