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Redesigned Google Reader: Very Cool

Late last week, Google released a significantly redesigned version of its RSS Reader, aptly named "Google Reader." The new design improves Google's previous Reader, which was criticized for its unconventional format and instability when it was ... introduced last October. (Source: eweek.com) What is an RSS Reader? Google is promoting it's newly revamped product as "your inbox for the web," which is a great way to think about how an RSS (Rich Site Summary) reader works. An RSS Reader is, quite simply, a software application or a hosted service that collects syndicated content (such as news content ... (view more)

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How to use an RSS Reader

"Extra, Extra, Read all about it!" The corner Newsy has long since gone, replaced by the Newsstand with its wide variety of publications and sensational headlines hoping to attract the attention of a passerby. Times have changed, and with them, so ... have ways of communicating. To keep up with the events and happenings in the world of today, we often visit our favorite 'newsstands' via the web. If we visit one or two news sites on a regular basis, it's not difficult to keep track of events. A capable browser and set of bookmarks take care of that problem; but when there are a dozen or ... (view more)

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What is RSS and how will it affect infopackets?

Infopackets Reader James S. writes: " Dear Dennis, For the last two email editions of your newsletter, I have noticed a 'special announcement' near the top of the page, concerning 'RSS implementation' to your web site. At the bottom of the ... announcement, you have linked to a review of FeedDemon to better explain the RSS technololgy. I'm a bit stumped, however; the more I read about RSS, the more I don't understand it! There almost seems to be too many explanations. In fact, RSS sounds so complicated that I sincerely feel like throwing away my computer and going back to 'the good old days ... (view more)

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FeedDemon Review

Email newsletters, like infopackets.com, are historically the method I use to keep up with technology information. Once my email address is subscribed, the newsletter publishers deliver their information to me on a predefined delivery schedule. In ... addition to email newsletters, I'm finding myself reading more content from news feed channels, called RSS. What is RSS? RSS stands for Rich Site Summary or Really Simple Syndication (depending on who you ask), and is a markup language similar to HTML code used to construct a web page. RSS works by organizing text information in a way which makes ... (view more)

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