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Being Blackmailed for Money on Facebook? Here's What to Do

Are you being blackmailed online? Are blackmailers threatening to expose you through Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn? If so, you've come to the right place. Want the blackmailers to go away ASAP? Contact me here . My plan is HIGHLY successful and ... is based on two years of research, having listened to 2,000+ phone calls and completed 750+ cases. I can prevent your exposure - even if you're married and they have your wife's contact information. The protection covers: wife, girlfriend, family, friends, followers, job, school, etc - plus I also offer multiple contingency plans even if you are ... (view more)

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Report: Cyber Crime Lowest in Denmark, US Ranks #3

The United States is the third safest country for cyber crimes according to a newly-published study. However, the methodology means that might not reflect the actual risk to users. The figures come from Seon, a security company that specializes in ... automatically detecting online fraud. That makes the results (and the decision to publish them) a little surprising as such a company would have an obvious interest in suggesting cyber crime is a particularly big risk in larger, wealthier countries full of potential customers. Overall the results showed Denmark as the safest country, just ahead of ... (view more)

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