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'Flex Kit Express', and 'Ez Reboot'

Flex Kit Express FlexKit is an integrated file management toolkit allowing one to classify and categorize files, analyze disk utilization patterns, identify storage consumption hot-spots, eliminate duplicate files and free-up storage space. FlexKit ... integrates numerous file management tools into a single package and allows one to perform all operations through a centralized and unified GUI interface. Designed for usability and flexibility at the same time, FlexKit is suitable for novice computer users and experienced professionals as well. http://www.flexense.com/flexkit/ Ez Reboot Allows ... (view more)

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'Send To', and 'Ez Wipe'

Send To SendTo simplifies sending any file or folder to any location on your computer, using the Right Click Send To menu. You can even send to applications and FTP sites on the Internet. http://www.trogsoft.com/ Ez Wipe EZ Wipe gives you the ... opportunity to permanently remove files from your system when you right-click any file or folder. Secure wiping in accord with Standard DoD 5220.22-M. http://www.xcrysoft.com (view more)

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