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Tech Giants Cry Fowl Over EU Competition Rules

Apple and Microsoft have disputed claims that some of their key services are so big they require additional regulation. The European Commission will now reassess whether they qualify as holding "gatekeeper" status. The status matters because of the ... new Digital Markets Act, designed to boost competitions. A "gatekeeper" status means the service needs to follow tighter rules to make it easier for customers to switch to rivals. It's particularly aimed at cases where one business controls software and hardware in multiple areas, for example an operating system and a browser. The assessment is for ... (view more)

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Google Faces $3.4B Fine for Search Bias

Google will reportedly face a fine of more than $3 billion for a series of alleged breaches of European competition laws. The penalty would be one-sixth of the maximum that could be imposed, but would still dwarf previous records. The penalty would ... come from the European Commission. Among many other roles, the commission oversees competition rules which apply to firms doing business across 28 European countries. For the record, this is a separate case launched last month , which the European Commission formally accused Google of using unfair rules in the way it pressures Android device ... (view more)

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Google Could Show Rivals' Logos In Search Results

Google appears ready to show its rivals' logos on search results pages. It's the latest development in a game of brinksmanship being played between Google and European regulators. The European Commission, which administers laws that apply across the ... continent, has been investigating claims that Google unfairly exploits its dominance of the search market. Some of the claims relate to the way Google sells advertising on its sites and the way it "scrapes" content, such as review extracts from other sites. The biggest issue, though, is the suggestion that Google has intentionally promoted its own ... (view more)

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Google's Android a 'Trojan Horse,' Microsoft Says

Microsoft and several other prominent technology firms have filed a complaint with the European Commission against Google. The problem, according to Microsoft: Google is using its Android operating system (OS) like a Trojan horse to take control of ... the rapidly-expanding mobile market. At the moment, Android can be found on most tablet computers and smartphones. According to a recent study by Strategy Analytics, roughly 7 in every 10 mobile devices run this highly-adaptable OS. Microsoft is just one member of the FairSearch coalition, which also includes Nokia and Oracle. In total, FairSearch ... (view more)

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