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Microsoft's Euro-fines Keep On Mounting

Microsoft's feud with the European Union became even more bitter today when regulators hit the firm with another $1.2 billion in fines. This time the penalty was for breaching a 2004 ruling that banned the firm from charging "unreasonable" prices ... for rivals to access software information they needed to produce Windows-compatible programs. Microsoft had been charging 3.87% royalties for all licensed Windows products, and an extra 2.98% to provide the necessary information. Microsoft have now reduced these rates in Europe but maintains them elsewhere. "Microsoft is the first company in 50 years ... (view more)

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Microsoft Concedes to European Union

Microsoft has withdrawn the last two challenges to a European Union (EU) antitrust order, closing the books on its past legal fights and instead focusing on avoiding future trouble with European regulators. The lengthy, brutal war between Microsoft ... and the European Commission has cost hundreds of millions of dollars in fines. Exhausted, Microsoft has reportedly yielded and pledged to comply with key parts of a 2004 antitrust decision upheld by an appeals court last month. Microsoft dropped a challenge to the 280.5 million euros ($357 million) fine imposed by regulators in July 2006 for not ... (view more)

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What Does the EU Victory Over Microsoft Mean?

In a ruling that's expected to have far-reaching implications, the European Union (EU) Court of First Instance upheld European Commission claims that Microsoft abused their dominant position in the operating system (OS) market, siding with ... regulators in an antitrust case. The law suit began in early 2004. (Source: CNET News ) "The court ruling is welcome for its confirmation of the Commission's decision and its underlying policy, but nevertheless, it is bittersweet, because the court has confirmed the Commission's view that consumers are suffering at the hands of Microsoft" said Neelie Kroes ... (view more)

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280.5 Million Euros: Microsoft Antitrust Fine Announced

As it attempts to steer consumer attention towards a new Messenger partnership with Yahoo, Microsoft's enormous fine for antitrust practices in Europe has finally been made public. The European Commission, part of the European Union (EU), announced ... Tuesday that Microsoft will be fined a whopping 280.5 million Euros, a levy that breaks down to 1.5 million a day for the period from December 15 to June 20. (Source: ) The antitrust fine comes as a result of Microsoft's bitter refusal to share its protocols with competitors, essentially disallowing rival companies the opportunity to ... (view more)


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