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'Right Click Enhancer 3.2', and 'EditPad Lite 7.2.3'

Right Click Enhancer 3.2 This program enhances the menu that appears when you right click on an item. Right Click Enhancer allows you to pick and choose what operations appear when you press the right clicker on your mouse -- it's a simple idea but ... one that will save you lots of time! http://rbsoft.org EditPad Lite 7.2.3 EditPad Lite is a compact, easy-to-use text editor. It has a number of useful features designed to make editing text extremely simple and those features include a tabbed interface for accessing multiple files, unlimited undo and redo, and automatic backup. http://www. ... (view more)

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'EditPad Lite 6.7.0', and 'Screenshot Captor 2.90.01'

EditPad Lite 6.7.0 EditPad Lite is a general-purpose text editor, designed to be small and compact, yet offer all the functionality you expect from a basic text editor. EditPad Lite works with Windows 98, ME, NT4, 2000, XP, Vista, and 7. Note from ... Dennis: I use this program every day to program the Infopackets website in PERL (practical extraction and reporting language). EditPad is highly recommended even if you aren't a programmer. A++ and kudos to Jan Goyvaerts (author) for such an awesome program. Click here to see a screenshot of a program I'm working on using EditPad. Use the link below ... (view more)

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