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WLDCore.dll missing; Windows Live Mail won't Start?

Infopackets Reader 'biggrampa' writes: " Dear Dennis, Regarding Windows Live Essentials: I have an error message stating that wldcore.dll missing or not found. I have tried to reinstall Windows Live Essentials but it says it is already there, and I ... have latest version. I have also tried uninstalling using revo uninstaller, but it says that the program cannot be found. When I try to run Windows Live Mail, it says wldcore.dll missing. Any ideas? " My Response: Most likely a Windows Registry setting is corrupt and pointing to an invalid location of the wldcore.dll file. To fix the error, you can ... (view more)

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Microsoft Investigates 'Moderately Critical' Windows XP Bug

Microsoft is currently investigating the emergence of a new critical bug affecting users of Windows 2000 and Windows XP. The Redmond-based firm made the announcement via Twitter on Tuesday, and says the issue can be found in the dynamic link library ... (.DLL) file "mfc42.dll." Security firm Secunia posted a detailed report, which they say is based on a third party proof-of-concept exploit. It's suggested that the vulnerability can be exploited via PowerZip version 7.2 Build 4010, among other utilities that use the mfc42.dll file. (Source: pcmag.com ) Bug Affects Moderately Popular ... (view more)

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Energizer USB Battery Charger Injects PCs with Malware

Symantec researchers have discovered that the software accompanying Energizer's DUO battery charger may have been injecting PCs with malware since May 2007. Energizer has recently discontinued the product, but for those who've already purchased the ... charger, it's important they know a workaround for the problem. Trojan Creation Date Not Known According to Symantec Global Intelligence Network director Dean Turner, it's tough to tell if the Trojan has been kicking around the full three years. "It's really impossible to say for sure that this Trojan has always been in the USB charger- ... (view more)

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Can't remove / uninstall MyWebSearch?, Part 2

Last week, Infopackets Reader Cospul warned me of a problem he had with a browser enhancement, called MyWebSearch: " I downloaded and installed [the browser plug-in] only to find out that it hijacked my Internet Explorer ... Whatever [web site I ... visit, MyWebSearch either displays their site or an error message]. ... I emailed the Mywebsearch [support many times], but they have not [provided any useful technical advice]. I even hired a certified Microsoft technician to fix the problem -- but after a week, all they could tell me was that Mywebsearch acts like a virus (no kidding!). I can't ... (view more)

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Required Dll not Found Error Message?, Part 2

Recall: Yesterday, Don W. sent in a question which asked why he kept getting a Window every time Windows booted up saying that the file "DDRAW.DLL" could not be found . My suggestion to Don was to search for the .DLL on his system and try to locate ... the program folder to determine where the .DLL came from, uninstall the program, and then reinstall it in hopes of clearing up the error message he was receiving. Unfortunately, I forgot that some Windows operating systems will not display a .DLL file by default. Furthermore -- as Darren B. points out, the DDRAW.DLL file is actually a ... (view more)

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