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More Content, Fewer Ads; Now Accepting Donations

To our Valued Readers, In our quest to improve upon Infopackets.com and overall visitor satisfaction to our site, we've rolled out some major changes this past week and will continue to make improvements in the weeks ahead. Some of the changes we've ... rolled out this past week include: additional content: 5 more articles per week added: payment link for donations by PayPal, card, and by mail inclusion of "How To" articles to the site removal of Vibrant Media ads (blue double-underscore links / pop up ads) removal / change of Google ads added: 'Help Support Infopackets' tab at top of page ... (view more)

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Color Numbers Based on the Value Result in MS Excel

A subscriber recently wrote me inquiring about having the number color in Excel change when there is a certain value result. There are two ways to color numbers in MS Excel based on certain criteria: Custom formatting for a number with criteria ... Conditional Formatting Your options for coloring a number in MS Excel are not limited to displaying negative number values in red. You can also color positive and/or negative numbers in any color you like. There is a limit to the colors however. There are only eight to choose from and the aren't really easy to read either. Follow the steps below: To ... (view more)

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