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'Microsoft Ribbon Hero' and 'Microsoft Forgotten Attachment Detector'

Microsoft Ribbon Hero Ribbon Hero is a game for Office 2007 and Office 2010 (Word, PowerPoint, Excel and now OneNote) designed to help you boost your Office skills and knowledge. If you feel Office can do a lot more than you have time to figure out, ... then Ribbon Hero is for you. Play games (aka "challenges"), score points, and compete with your friends while improving your productivity with Office. Microsoft Forgotten Attachment Detector The Forgotten Attachment Detector (FAD) is a Grassroots Project. Like other Forgotten Attachment Detectors on the web, ... (view more)

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An Internet Lie Detector That Works with VoIP

Did someone in Israel read the recent Infopackets story about technology making it easier for people to lie? It sure seems that way! Actually, the uniquely titled KishKish Lie Detector has been available to the public since December, and a new beta ... upgrade has just been released. The Israeli technology works over the Internet with popular online phone service, called Skype. (Source: ) "We tested it with the [former U.S. president Bill] Clinton speech about his relationship with his intern Monica Lewinsky," stated Zvi Marom, the founder and CEO of BATM Advanced Communications. "When ... (view more)

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