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USB-C to Carry 240W, to Eliminate Brick Chargers

The end of brick-like chargers that only fit one laptop is a step closer. The first USB cables that can carry up to 240 watts of power are now in production. For many years, one of the biggest drawbacks of laptops was the charger. In most cases they ... were considerably thicker than the laptop itself. They were also usually specific to the device (both in the plug/socket size and in the specific amount of power delivered). That meant somebody who lost or broke their charger would often face delay and expense before they could charge their device again. Things got a little better with the ... (view more)

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'Jumplist Launcher', and 'The Mammoth Dedicated Server Guide'

Jumplist Launcher The Windows 7 jumplists, which appear when you right-click on an any program pinned to the taskbar, help improve workflow. Unfortunately, if you want to combine multiple programs in one icon, you're toast. Here's where Jumplist ... Launcher comes to the rescue: it lets you add up to 60 programs or files within self-defined groups inside a jumplist. The Mammoth Dedicated Server Guide In order to give game developers and publishers a starting point, Mammoth ISP has created The Mammoth Dedicated Server Guide. This document provides high-level information about ... (view more)

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'Dedicated Server Disk Wipes', and 'Free Meter'

Dedicated Server Disk Wipes System administrators do not have physical access to dedicated servers. These servers are usually hosted by a web hosting company in a secured data center. Most dedicated servers are rented for a certain period of time ... and then passed on to the next customer. Some server hosts securely wipe and format the hard drives before they are made available again, while some hosts only format the drives, which leaves data easily recoverable and susceptible. The below tutorial explains how to securely wipe a drive. Free Meter Free meter monitors system ... (view more)

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Integrated onboard sound versus dedicated soundcard?

Infopackets Reader Trevor V. writes: " Dear Dennis, My computer includes an integrated sound card built onto the main board. In your opinion, would it be worth my time to add a dedicated sound card such as 'Creative SoundBlaster Live!' to increase ... sound quality and CPU performance? What do you think? " My response: Generally speaking: most dedicated soundcards will almost always perform better (both CPU wise and sound quality wise) because there is more hardware devoted for the task at hand (I.E.: producing sound). Comparably: a dedicated sound card has many chips and transistors to ... (view more)

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Integrated video or dedicated video -- which performs faster?

Infopackets Reader Joseph R. writes: " Dear Dennis, I'd like to upgrade my computer and was contemplating which main board I should choose. I noticed one particular solution which sported an integrated nVidia MX 4 64MB video chipset; another main ... board I was looking at did not have the integrated video built in, which meant that I would most likely opt to purchase an nVidia GeForce FX 5200 128MB video card separately. I've read that some integrated video cards actually 'steal' memory from the main board of the computer. So, for example: if your computer system has 512MB RAM of system ... (view more)

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