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How to Fix Corrupt Outlook .PST File Using Repair Tool

Repair your corrupt outlook data file (.pst) with Outlook PST Repair Tool Personal Storage Table (PST) files are vulnerable to damage or corruption for various reasons, such as large size or oversizing, abrupt system or application shutdown, ... malware/virus intrusion, drive errors, etc. When the PST file is damaged or corrupt, it cant be opened in Outlook, leading to inaccessible mail items. If the PST file is not repaired, it may lead to data loss. Microsoft provides an Outlook PST file repair tool called Inbox Repair Tool or SCANPST.EXE . The tool is installed with MS Office installation. The ... (view more)

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Some Windows 11 Users Must 'Sign' Disclaimer

Users who upgrade "incompatible" machines to Windows 11 may have to agree to a lengthy disclaimer. Microsoft warns PCs could suffer damage, which suggests it may be trying to head off lawsuits. The disclaimer is further indication that users who ... don't meet the minimum system requirements for Windows 11 may still be able to install it. This would be through downloading and creating installation media such as a DVD or USB stick, rather than using Windows Update. (Source: neowin.net ) Verge's Sean Hollister was able to install a beta edition of Windows 11 despite his PC not meeting the system ... (view more)

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Apple Fined $12M Over Water Resistance Claim

Apple has been fined the equivalent of $12 million USD over "aggressive and misleading" claims about the water resistance of iPhones. An Italian regulator said its advertising wasn't clear enough and that a disclaimer tricked clients. The fine of 10 ... million Euros came from Italy's Competition and Market Authority which regulates consumer issues. It took issue with two ways Apple promotes and disclaims the water resistance. (Source: reuters.com ) The first issue was with the way Apple marketed eight iPhone models as being water resistant up to a certain depth (between one and four meters ... (view more)

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Apple Relaxes Water Damage Policy on iPods

Apple appears to have loosened a policy that previously exempted iPods from warranty cover if they showed signs of water damage. But it's unclear if the change will apply to more expensive devices. iPod Hardware Contains Liquid Sensors Although it's ... a clearly-stated part of Apple's user guides and conditions of sale that the company disclaims any responsibility for damage caused by liquid, most people do not realize that doesn't simply apply to cases where the damage is very visible. Instead, all the company's portable devices have a tiny liquid contact indicator: in the iPod it's at the ... (view more)

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Apple Refuses To Fix Smokers' Computers

If you run over your computer with a monster truck, stick dynamite in the USB slot or attach it to a Slinky and roll it down the stairway, you can reasonably expect to lose any warranty or cover care you have on it. But now there's another rash ... activity that can leave you out of pocket if a fault develops: smoking. The Consumerist website, run by the same group behind Consumer Reports magazine, says two readers have found Apple refused to fix computers because they were smokers. Both had purchased the extended warranty Applecare package. In one case, the problems with the machine were blamed ... (view more)

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