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Scientists: Social Media Effects on Kids 'Trivial'

A University of Oxford study claims any negative effects of social media on teens are likely trivial. It said other life events had a far greater effect. The study used data from extensive household surveys that ran between 2009 and 2016 which ... covered a wide range of issues. The researchers mined the survey results for responses from children who were aged 10 to 15 at the time of questioning, with more than 12,000 children covered. (Source: ) The researchers looked at questions about how many hours the children spent communicating on social networks on school days. They compared this ... (view more)

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Anonymous Unmasks Alleged Cyber Bully

One of the most tragic news stories in recent days involves 15-year-old Amanda Todd, who committed suicide after being bullied online. Now, 'hacktivist' group Anonymous has attempted to expose the person it feels was responsible for Todd's death. ... It's believed Todd committed suicide after being bullied by a man who posted unseemly photos of her online. According to reports, the man even sent the pictures to Todd's friends. That prompted Todd to release a YouTube video indicating that the photo had completely ruined her reputation, making it impossible for her to make or maintain friendships ... (view more)

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