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Why Does it Cost $4,500 a Month to Run Infopackets?

Infopackets Reader Bill S. writes: " Dear Dennis, [Why does it cost] $4,500 a month to maintain your website? That seems very high. I realize I run a much smaller site than yours [150 users / published once a month], but I paid $192 to register my ... [website via registrar] and have my site hosted by GoDaddy for four years. That works out to four dollars per month. I also subscribe to Windows Secrets Newsletter and frankly get much more information from that newsletter and associated site than from yours. It's contributions only by the year and I send them $25. " My response: Respectfully, I ... (view more)

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Windows 7 Cuts Costs Significantly, says Report

Windows 8 may still be a few years away from reality, but according to a new study, small and midsize businesses can get a real financial boost by switching to Windows 7 right now. The reasoning has to do with a reduction in support costs. ... "Businesses with 250 or fewer PCs that are deploying Windows 7 are gaining more than happier users," said a report by researchers at analyst firm IDC. "They are lowering support costs, improving security, and making end users more productive." (Source: ) Support Savings as High as 65% Some support cost cuts have been higher than 50 per ... (view more)

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Software Costs Projected to Decline

Amidst all the worries over Black Friday security threats and the random phishing scheme, there's finally some good news for home and business software users. According to research firm Gartner, computer software should begin to decline ... significantly over the next decade. According to Gartner research vice president William Snyder, there are a number of reasons for the projected slip in costs. Collectively, they could drastically change the relationship between those producing the applications and those who need them. In the past, software buyers have had little say in the cost of the ... (view more)

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Apple TV Can't Bring Home the Bacon

Some tech critics believe Apple TV will be nothing less than a flop. How bad could it be? Recent reports suggest it might hurt the company behind the device more than they ever imagined. The components and materials to make Apple TV cost $237 ... apiece. Apple is selling the product for $299, leaving a gross profit of only $62, or about 20 percent. And that's before marketing costs. (Source: ) The razor thin profit margin is especially uncharacteristic for Apple, which is used to gross margins above 50% for products outside its computer line. The iPod has proven to be a high ... (view more)

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Google HQ to Run Partly on Solar Power

Hoping to set an example of environmental responsibility for American corporations, Google Inc. is converting its California-based headquarters to run partly on solar power. Google's solar power project was announced during a solar energy conference ... in Silicon Valley last week. Largest Corporate Solar Power Endeavor Being hailed as the largest solar power endeavour by a U.S. corporation, Google is planning on installing over 9,200 solar panels on its Mountain View campus by next spring. The installed solar panels will deliver 1.6 megawatts of electricity, which is enough to power ... (view more)

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