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YouTube under fire from Japanese Entertainment Industry

YouTube has agreed to discuss copyright issues with a Japanese group, the company said last week. The Japan Society for Rights of Authors, Composers and Publishers (JASRAC) had sent a letter to YouTube earlier this month requesting stricter ... copyright policies. The letter was sent on behalf of the JASRAC and 22 other Japanese entertainment industry associations, including the Motion Picture Producers' Association of Japan, Yahoo! Japan and all of the major commercial television broadcasters. (Source: ) The reply, which was signed by YouTube CEO Chad Hurley and CTO Steven Chen, ... (view more)

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Google's Book Scanning Project Turns Sour

Google's ambitious book scanning project has the company embroiled in yet another lawsuit -- this time, from a number of literary organizations. Currently, the Google project returns snippets of content contained in books after a search is run on ... the Google search engine. Those who are interested in reading the entire book have the option of purchasing it or obtaining it through a library. (Source: ) Google's project presently includes titles from seven libraries including the libraries of Harvard University and Stanford University. Google says that anyone who does not want ... (view more)

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Google Releases Copyright Statement

Not long ago, "Google" was added to the Oxford English Dictionary as a verb -- a move that signalled Google's dominance in the search engine industry and recognized the fact that the word "Google" is sometimes synonomous with "search" or "find" when ... it comes to online activity. However, the company has recently come under attack for copyright related issues. On Tuesday, Google posted a blog entry entitled "Our Approach to Content" defending their practices. The blog, authored by David Eun, VP of Content Partnerships, notes Google's vision of organizing world-wide information and making it ... (view more)

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Google Submits to Belgian Court Ruling

Google made an unexpected u-turn this past Saturday when they published a copyright infringement ruling regarding their (Belgian) web site. (Source: ) Earlier last week, Google was found guilty of copyright infringement. The ... Belgian court ruled that Google was required to stop publishing content from Belgian newspapers without prior consent or payment. The court also demanded that Google post the ruling on the site. (Source: ) On Friday, Google lost their appeal to overturn the court's ruling. Although Google initially agreed to stop publishing Belgian ... (view more)


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