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How to Fix: Compact VHD (Virtualbox, Hyper-V, etc)

Infopackets Reader Bill G. writes: " Dear Dennis, My question is about how to compact a VHD file (virtual disk). I recently virtualized an old Windows 2016 server and am using Virtualbox as my hypervisor. In the process of updating and configuring ... the virtual machine, I created 3 snapshots (live backups) in case I needed to undo changes. The .VHD is the Server 2016 C Drive and was originally only 60GB - however, I noticed that the 'snapshots' folder has grown to a massive 168GB! I went into virtual machine's snapshot window and deleted all the snapshots, hoping to free up space on the disk ... (view more)

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Windows 10 Gets File Recovery Tool

Microsoft has released a tool for recovering deleted or corrupted files. However, it may be too technical for many casual users. Windows File Recovery only works with Windows 10 version 2004, which is the latest branch of Windows 10 released on May, ... 2020. The Windows File Recovery is only available through the dedicated Microsoft Store, rather than users being able to download and install it from a website. (Source: ) It might therefore seem natural that the tool would be in an easy-to-use format aimed at a mass audience. Instead, it runs on the command line, meaning users can ... (view more)

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How to Fix: NAS, Robocopy ERROR 5 (0x00000005) Changing File Attributes

Infopackets Reader Gerry J. writes: " Dear Dennis, Thanks for your article on how to reset admin password on a Seagate NAS (network attached storage) - this was the only article I could find on the subject. I have a related question. I've done a ... full reset of the NAS (wiping out all data) and recreated my network shares, and now I'm ready to copy data back. In the past, I've used Windows file copy to do this, but sometimes it fails and then I have to start over again. I did research on this subject and it's my understanding robocopy is a much more reliable method and will actually resume the ... (view more)

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Microsoft Abandons The Unusual 'Windows 10 S'

Microsoft is ditching a special version of Windows 10 that was based around security and low costs. That said, Windows 10 S had some major restrictions on the programs it could run. Though it will no longer be available as a standalone edition, it ... will now be included as an optional mode in some Windows computers. That means Microsoft is likely continuing to target schools with the option. To many analysts, Windows 10 S was Microsoft's take on the Google Chromebook range. The distinguishing feature of Windows 10 S was that it only ran apps that were downloaded and installed from the Windows ... (view more)

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Explained: What to Expect if you Ditch Windows and Go Linux

Infopackets Reader 'Kathy aka VJ' writes: " Dear Dennis, In regard to John Lister's article ' Windows 10 install surprising users ' - how about an article about switching to Linux instead of Windows 10, including a how to, cost, warnings, software ... compatibility, etc. I've just about had it with Microsoft and it's aggressive tactics, trying to get me to install Windows 10 with its 'gotcha' updates . As such, I am thinking it's time to get myself out from under the Microsoft umbrella. I am expert with MS Office and would hate to switch, but if it won't run under Linux, I may have to stick with ... (view more)

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