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How to Fix: Open Shell Search Not Working (Classic Shell)

Infopackets Reader Lynda F. writes: " Dear Dennis, I've been using Classic Shell (now called 'Open Shell') for many years and it's worked great. The best feature about Classic Shell is the ability to search and find files on my hard drive. For ... example: when I click on the Start Menu, I then type in part of the title of a document I have on my hard drive, and Classic Shell finds it instantly. In contrast, the default Windows 10 Start Menu simply can't find anything on my computer and tells me to go to Bing to find it. As if! Anyhow: the issue I'm having is that the search in Classic Shell ... (view more)

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How to Fix: Classic Shell Start Menu Empty / Blank

Infopackets Reader Steve J. writes: " Dear Dennis, Thanks so much for your website and all the wonderful tips you have provided us over the years. I recently upgraded my main PC to Windows 10 and with your advice I installed Classic Shell to replace ... the horrid Start menu that comes default with Windows 10. I proceeded to click the Start button after the installation finished, but for some reason my Classic Shell Start menu is blank and it's been like this for a few weeks now. I installed Classic Shell on my laptop as well and it has all its icons. What gives? " My response: Whenever I work on ... (view more)

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How to Fix: Windows 10 Programs Missing from Start Menu

Infopackets Reader Kelly S. writes: " Dear Dennis, I just upgraded to Windows 10 and many of my programs are missing from the Start Menu. For example, Office 2013 is missing, so is Adobe Acrobat, and also Norton Antivirus is gone. Do you have any ... idea how this happened? Can you help me find my missing programs in the Start Menu? " My response: There are a number of reasons why programs go missing from the Start Menu after upgrading to Windows 10 - I'll try and shed some light. Windows 10 Program Incompatibility If a program is not compatible with Windows 10 , it will not be imported when you ... (view more)

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