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Google Accused of Fueling Inflation

Google faces a legal claim demanding more than $9 billion for allegedly contributing to inflation. It's fair to say the claim is somewhat ambitious. The claim has been filed in the United Kingdom by Hereford Litigation, which describes itself as a ... "third-party litigation funder." It's filed a claim with the Competition Appeal Tribunal, which hears cases that specifically relate to alleged breaches of competition law. Technically the claim is on behalf of every person aged over 16 in the UK, meaning the demand is for around $140 per person. If the claim was successful, it's not obvious how the ... (view more)

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Fujitsu: 'Trustable Internet' Could tackle Fake News

Fujitsu has proposed an "endorsement layer" on top of the Internet to tackle bogus information. It's an idea that would certainly face both technological and societal challenges. The idea comes in a white paper (a report designed to provoke ... discussion) written alongside Keio University in Japan. It explores the idea of a "trustable Internet in which people can use information securely." (Source: ) The concept is simple, if abstract. The writers propose a system that "overlays a layer on the Internet, which has a mechanism to confirm the credibility of the ... (view more)

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Windows 8: Critics Question Sales Claims

Last week Microsoft's Chief Financial Officer (CFO) claimed that her firm has already sold 40 million Windows 8 licenses. If so, then Windows 8 is proving to be just as popular as its predecessor, Windows 7. But some critics don't buy that claim. ... Microsoft CFO Tami Reller made the 40 million Windows 8 licenses claim on November 27, 2012. Microsoft CFO, CEO: 40 Million Licenses Sold Reller, who will soon take over duties once assigned to departed Windows chief Steven Sinofsky , told guests at the Credit Suisse Annual Technology Conference that "I am pleased to announce today that we have sold ... (view more)

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Barnes & Noble Slams Microsoft for Patent Abuse

Microsoft has been accused of patent abuse by Barnes & Noble by allegedly preventing manufacturers from using Google's Android operating system (OS), a product which competes with the Windows Phone 7 mobile operating system. The accusation comes ... just over a month after Microsoft filed suit against Barnes & Noble company for allegedly infringing on a number of patents with its new Nook e-reader device. Microsoft Declares 5 Ways Nook Infringes on Patent Back in March, Microsoft accused Barnes ... (view more)

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Infopackets Special Announcement

Dear Infopackets Readers, As many of you know, only promotes products we believe in -- products that not only work well, do what they say, but also make our lives easier. Ever since the infopackets web site opened its doors in May of ... 2001, we have faithfully promoted Computer Learning eBooks -- not only because they're fantastically easy to use, but also because they're fun to read. Simply put, NewbieClub eBooks are incredibly useful learning tools! With that said, today I received an important email from Joe Robson over at the Joe wanted me to ... (view more)

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