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How to Fix: Java 'Expired or not-yet-valid Certificate' Error

Infopackets Reader Tom G. writes: " Dear Dennis, I recently had to reinstall Windows, which also required reinstalling all my programs. Ever since then, whenever I try to access my work's website (which uses a Java applet), I receive an error ... message that says: 'Your security settings have blocked an application with an expired or not-yet-valid certificate from running.' I cannot proceed past that, and am therefore unable to access the website. The Java applet worked fine before I reinstalled Windows, so how can I get past this error? " My response: I had a sneaking suspicion that the website ... (view more)

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Hackers Make Malware Download Appear Legitimate

The creators of a recently-discovered form of malware (malicious software) have reportedly used stolen government ID to make the bogus software appear legitimate when presented on Windows PCs. Once the malware is installed, it can steal personal ... information, such as passwords or banking information, or download other malware programs to the PC. The malware is spread via infected PDF (portable document format) files that exploit a bug in the outdated Adobe Reader 8. (Source: computerworld.com ) The incident involves a code signing certificate, similar to the authentication systems for secure ... (view more)

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