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Make Purchases Using Mobile Phones

These days, it seems as if cash payments are settled using every medium but cash itself. Gone are the days of fumbling around in a purse or wallet to find the exact change needed to make a purchase. While cash is always an accepted tender, many now ... prefer to use debit or credit cards to alleviate wasted time and hassle. Several major banks and mobile operators all over Europe have come together to ensure that one more method of payment will be offered to consumers in the near future. The group assembled to talk about the possibility of enabling future cell phone models to act as a wireless ... (view more)

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Print Designer Gold v8 Review

Synopsis: Label Software, Business Card Software and more -- all with one program! With Print Designer Gold v8, you can create Business Cards, Mailing Labels, Envelopes, Post Cards, CD Labels, DVD Labels, Signs and more. Business users will love ... Print Designer for creating great looking business cards, mailing labels, envelopes, post cards, promotional mailers and more from your existing databases. And Home Users will love Print Designer Gold for labeling CD and DVD and collections, create personalized address labels, custom envelopes, custom post cards, invitations, and much, much more! ... (view more)

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Sound Card

A sound card is a computer expansion card that can input and output sound under program control. Most personal computers today have sound cards built onto the main board and do not require a secondary / separate sound card. Sound Cards: General ... Characteristics A typical sound card includes a sound chip usually featuring a digital-to-analog converter that converts recorded or generated digital waveforms of sound into an analog format. This signal is led to a (earphone-type) connector where a cable to an amplifier or similar sound destination can be plugged in. More advanced designs usually ... (view more)

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Freeware greeting card program?, Part 2

Recall -- Last week, Infopackets Reader Jenny C. asked if I knew of a freeware greeting card program. She wrote: " I am wondering if you could help me: I have been trying to find a small (and hopefully free) software program to create ordinary ... greeting cards -- one that I can put my own pictures or clipart on, write my own verse, and mail it (via snail mail) to friends. I used to use a greeting card program that came pre-packaged with my computer, but the program has expired and I can no longer use it. I would love to make my own greeting cards and I am sure other subscribers would too. ... (view more)

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Connect Laptop to Internet?

Infopackets Reader Vicky F. writes: " Hello, and good day to you! I just want to know how can I connect to the Internet using a laptop with a built-in modem? Do I still need an Internet Service Provider (ISP) or can I just hook up my laptop to the ... cable outlet? I am a newbie on this stuff, and I will really appreciate it if you could give me some insight. " My response: The built-in modem you are referring to is for dial-up (I.E.: phone line) Internet access, which is very slow compared to a cable modem or DSL connection. Should you decide to use dial-up Internet, all that is ... (view more)

Dennis Faas's picture -- Helping to send Spyware to loved ones

Did you mail all your Christmas cards out yet? I've got a small collection starting on top of the mantel, but I'm surprised that I haven't received any (tangible) Holiday cards yet from Infopackets Readers! Sending an e-greeting is nice to receive, ... but it's hard to differentiate the spam mails from the legit. Sometimes when I write a newsletter, I get up to 200 emails in a day! That can get kind of nutty after a while. And, that brings me to my next point. MBMaser emailed me the other day and told me about a web site called which is allegedly responsible for incorporating ... (view more)


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