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3-in-1 Printer Stops Scanning When Ink Tank Empty

Canon is being sued for allegedly blocking multifunction printers from scanning or faxing because the printer ink is empty. The customer bringing the case has asked for class action status. David Leacraft bought an "all-in-one" Pixma device with ... printing, document scanning and faxing features. When his ink ran out, he found the other features no longer worked. According to the lawsuit, multiple posts and replies on an official Canon support site suggest this is by design. One reply from a Canon "Product Expert" read: "The Pixma MG6320 must have all ink tanks installed in the printer and they ... (view more)

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'Free Image Editor 2.4', and 'Canon RAW Codec 1.9'

Free Image Editor 2.4 Free Image Editor is a bitmap image-editing application that lets you retouch existing photos or create original graphics. Free Image Editor gives you the tools and supplies of a professional graphic design studio. Free Image ... Editor provides a rich graphics toolset for digital photography, print production and web design. Canon RAW Codec 1.9 Canon RAW Codec is a plug-in software that enables the import and display of Canon RAW image files when installed in Windows 7 32-bit version / Windows Vista (including SP1/SP2) 32-bit version / Windows XP ( ... (view more)

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Cheap printer with print head built onto cartridge?, Part 2

Recall -- Two weeks ago, I asked Infopackets Readers to send me their picks for a reasonably-priced economy class printer that has refillable ink cartridges with the print head built onto the cartridge. " ... There are in fact many bubble-jet / ... ink-jet printers on the market today that sell for under $50 dollars. The printers are priced low because ink is consumable -- and in many cases, the name brand cartridges cost almost as much as the printer. I have owned my Canon Bubble Jet BJ-200 printer for over 10 years now and it prints as good as the first day I bought it. The reason for this ... (view more)

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Ink refill kits -- are they it worth it?

Last week, I wrote an article which listed Xmas Gift ideas for under $50 bucks. In the list of suggestions, I mentioned that I've used ink refill kits with my Canon BJ-200 for about 10 years now and have had great success. The same day I posted the ... article, a received an email from Derek M. who disagrees with the use of ink refill kits. Derek writes: " One of the things you recommended in your list of inexpensive tech-related gifts was ink refill kits, and you cited refilling a Canon BJ-200 series printer. Many of the other ideas (optical mice, keyboards, speakers, etc.) were very good ... (view more)

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