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Hacker Exposes Bush Family Photographs, Artwork

The Bush family's email accounts have reportedly been hacked. Lost in the security breach: correspondence records, phone numbers, addresses, and photographs. The Smoking Gun website reports that a hacker calling themselves 'Guccifer' was able to ... infiltrate the Bush family email accounts and steal recent personal documents, including a photograph of George H.W. Bush, taken before he was released from a Texas hospital in January 2013. The image shows Bush in a hospital bed where he was recovering from a number of ailments, including bronchitis. Another photo showed the former Republican ... (view more)

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US Spy Program Operated in Secret, Beyond Wiretaps

A massive data mining system aimed at identifying terrorists may have continued to operate under an executive order signed by President Bush in October 2001, despite an order to shut it down by Congress. In 2001 the Defense Department was briefed on ... the Total Information Awareness (TIA) program developed by Admiral John Poindexter. TIA was concocted to created a massive database program that would be accessible to the CIA, the FBI, and numerous other police agencies around the U.S. President Continued Program In the summer of 2002, JetBlue, Inc. turned over the names and addresses of 1.5 ... (view more)

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Are Bush Admin Computers a Crime Scene?

David Gewirtz, author of 'Where Have All the Emails Gone?' reportedly wrote an open letter to President-elect Obama asking that his administration please treat the White House computers like crime scene evidence. By failing to preserve official ... emails, the Bush White House has technically committed a federal crime by violating the Presidential Records Act and The Federal Records Act. The first few weeks of the Obama Administration taking office are going to be critical in preserving that information. Forensic evidence needs to be gathered before it's lost in the flurry of incoming activity. ( ... (view more)

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Bush Loves Google Earth: But Not Email

Google executives must be thrilled: in a recent interview with MSNBC reporter Maria Bartiromo, U.S. President George W. Bush revealed that he is one of Google's many loyal users. During the October 24th interview, Bartiromo asked Bush: "I'm curious, ... have you ever googled anybody? Do you use Google?" Google Earth: Yes The President said that he used the search giant occasionally and specifically pointed out that he enjoys using Google Earth to look at his ranch in Crawford Texas. Bush said that, "One of the things I've used on the Google is to pull up maps. It's very interesting to see -- I've ... (view more)

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