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Despite Threats, Internet Explorer Still Dominates

Microsoft is planning to release a slew of security fixes for Internet Explorer (IE) -- suggesting the web browser continues to face a torrent of security threats . Nevertheless, a recent study shows that Internet Explorer maintains a vice-like grip ... on the web browser market. Yesterday, Microsoft released a Security Bulletin Advance Notification for July 2014 , with plans to ship a total of six security updates to customers next Tuesday (July 8, 2014). The updates will patch security vulnerabilities present in every version of Internet Explorer and all supported editions of the Windows ... (view more)

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Internet Explorer: Usage Dips to All Time Low

Just 7 years ago (2004), Microsoft's Internet Explorer (IE) peaked at 95% of the browser market share. Today, that usage has dropped below 50%. According to NetApplications, which offers a monthly tracking of browser market shares, Internet Explorer ... (IE) has lost more than eight percent of the browser market in the last year. In fact, it slipped by more than 1.75 points just in the last month, and by six points in the last six months. In a Nutshell: The Decline of Internet Explorer Before the turn of the 21st century, Internet Explorer was the leading browser by far. It earned that position ... (view more)

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New Sneak Peeks of IE9, Chrome Available

Amidst news that Google's Chrome has made remarkable strides in chewing up Microsoft's long-time browser market domination, there's now word that both companies have revealed test versions of their upcoming updates for Chrome and Internet Explorer 9 ... (IE9). Google's new Chrome beta comes with some impressive upgrades, including faster and more stable performance, bookmark synching preferences, and various themes and home page customization options. Users will also find that they can implement browser extensions while still engaged in private browsing mode. Google's HTML5 support also gets a ... (view more)

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