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Apple Message Color Complaints Continue

Apple has previously been accused of "dirty tricks" against Android users when it comes to the iMessaging app. Now, one critic says Apple's choice of colors may be deliberate to make Android messages harder to read. The dispute involves the way ... iPhones display chat messages that are sent over the Internet, rather than through SMS messaging that uses cellular data networks. This was originally an iPhone only feature, but from 2016, Apple allowed Android users to use it via the official iMessage app. During testing, Apple engineers added a green background to messages sent from ... (view more)

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'Blue Earth' Solar Cell Phone Unveiled by Samsung

It seems automobiles aren't the only consumer item 'going green' these days. At last week's annual Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, popular electronics manufacturer Samsung unveiled a solar-powered cellphone constructed from recycled plastic ... water bottles, making quite the splash with enviro-techies worldwide. At the Toronto International Auto Show this past week, just about everyone was thinking green. Hydrogen, electric, and hybrid cars dominated center stage throughout the event, just as they had weeks before at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit. With automotive ... (view more)

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Cognitive Research Links Colors to Productivity

How do you feel about color? Does black depress you? Does yellow lift your spirits? Does red make your brain scream, 'alert!'? According to a recent study, color might actually have a significant impact on the way we feel and the way we work -- and ... the findings might even help companies improve productivity as the economy continues to struggle . In a fascinating study unveiled by University of British Columbia (UBC) researchers this week, certain colors were found to have drastically different effects on cognitive skills and even creativity. According to the group's findings, participants ... (view more)

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XP Blue Edition: And the Microsoft Crusade Against Fraud

Just in case we forgot Microsoft was leading the charge against pirated software, the company recently revealed that it has filed 63 new actions against counterfeiters in twelve different countries around the world. According to Matt Lundy, ... Microsoft's senior attorney on its anti-counterfeiting team, the actions have been taken against individuals accused of pirating versions of Microsoft Office, Windows operating system XP, and a number of other products. Much of the counterfeit software was resold at online auction sites, says Lundy. Those on the wrong end of legal action hail from just ... (view more)

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