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How to Fix: Install Software in Safe Mode (Windows 10)

Infopackets Reader Cliff H. writes: " Dear Dennis, Thanks for your excellent article on how to boot Windows 10 using the Microsoft Basic Display Adapter Driver . I am also having problems with my system freezing on me randomly, but have not been ... able to narrow down the culprit (nor do I have a system stable enough to do more testing!). I have managed to boot Windows 10 in Safe Mode with Networking and the system is stable, but I can't install any programs because the Windows installer service isn't running. Do you know how to make it so I can install software in Safe Mode using Windows 10 ... (view more)

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How to Fix: Windows Stuck in a Reboot Loop (Windows 8 and 10)

Infopackets Reader Stuart G. writes: " Dear Dennis, I recently upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10 and everything was fine for a few days - then all the sudden Windows 10 got stuck in a reboot loop. The error message is VIDEO DXGKRNL FATAL ERROR . ... The error is displayed on a blue screen for a few seconds, then the computer reboots and does the same thing ad infinitum. I have researched VIDEO DXGKRNL FATAL ERROR on Google and came across websites that suggest doing a malware scan or 'sfc /scannow' to fix corrupt operating system files, or downloading a utility to repair drivers but I can't ... (view more)

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