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Facebook Fails to Take Down Images Exploiting Children

A major news organization says Facebook doesn't do enough to remove images that exploit children. The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) says the site removed just 18 out of 100 images that it reported as part of an investigation. The test was ... part of a follow-up to a report last year about people using members-only groups on the site to share inappropriate images of children. At the time, Facebook said it was improving its moderation system. To see if that was the case, the BBC used Facebook's formal reporting button to report 100 images that appeared to breach the site's ... (view more)

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BBC Publishes 'Right to be Forgotten' Archive

British news agency BBC has published a list of its articles which are no longer linked to through Google, due to a controversial European law. The move means that the people who requested the pages be removed may have actually made things worse. ... The situation involves the " right to be forgotten ", a policy introduced last year by the European Court of Justice . It rules on those laws that apply across the 26 countries that are part of the European Union. The policy applies in cases where people want pages with embarrassing, outdated or privacy-threatening information about them ... (view more)

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BBC Draws Taxpayer, Competitor Ire

It's been revealed that one of Britain's leading websites spent more than $200 million of taxpayers' money last year, with commercial rivals complaining it's difficult to compete fairly. The website of the British Broadcasting Corporation ... ( is regularly among the most visited UK sites. Last December it attracted an estimated 16.5 million visitors, more than the average figures for sites such as eBay. The BBC is an independent broadcasting group which runs television and radio stations. Neither its stations nor its UK website carry any advertising and most of its funding comes from a ... (view more)

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YouTube to Secure Deal with BBC

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) is in the process of finalizing a deal with search engine powerhouse Google. The conditions of the agreement will make BBC programming available on the online video site The deal will once ... again exemplify the site's growth in global popularity as it continues to add international content to its service. A spokesperson for the BBC recently confirmed that the publicly funded broadcasting corporation had spoken with Google. The extent of the conversations have not yet been reported, but several sources have confirmed that many different ... (view more)

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BBC and Microsoft to Partner Up

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) and Microsoft have signed a non-exclusive memorandum of understanding that outlines the future partnership between the two organizations. The BBC recently released a statement asserting that the memorandum ... signals the intent of the two companies to determine similar interests, which can lead to the formation of a strategic alliance. (Source: ) Although little details were provided at a press conference held on last Wednesday, BBC's Director General Mark Thompson indicated that the joint projects between the two companies involve creating ... (view more)

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