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Toshiba, Sony at Heart of Another Recall

About a month ago, Carlo Orlando reported on Toshiba's plan to combat falling revenue by doubling production of its NAND flash memory chips. Not a bad idea, although one wonders if the company should be fixing its foundation before building a new ... rec room. Once again, Toshiba is recalling a significant number of laptop batteries, representing just another chapter in a long and painful customer service manual. Thankfully, the numbers continue to decrease. This time, Toshiba is forced to call back just 10,000 of its potentially dangerous batteries. Of course, as has been the case for most of ... (view more)

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Gateway Recalls More Notebook Batteries

A year after competitors Lenovo, Dell, and Apple recalled hundreds of thousands of laptop batteries after reports that they caused overheating and fires, Gateway has reopened its doors to 14,000 additional units. Although the number of batteries ... being recalled is somewhat small in comparison, it denotes that notebook owners are hardly safe, even now, from poorly designed parts. Although Gateway hasn't been fingered as publicly as Lenovo, Dell, or Apple, the company has made its own recall before. In October of last year it called back 35,000 of the batteries produced by Sony after worries ... (view more)

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'Windows Xp Powerpacker', and 'Laptop Battery Power Monitor'

Windows Xp Powerpacker PowerPacker will help a user create a Multiboot Windows XP disk. It will gather the needed files from your source XP CD and put them into a directory you specify. It will grab the DriverPack Files and install them. It will ... create a boot directory for your load and even hex edit the files that need to be HEXED to allow you to boot to it. It will put the needed info into the boot list so you can select your XP load. Laptop Battery Power Monitor Laptop Battery Power Monitor allows you to track the battery power of your laptop. This ... (view more)


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