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Lithuanian Company Develops 'Gesture-Based Banking'

A Lithuanian software company has created a new Kinect-based, motion-activated user interface that lets people manipulate and manage their bank accounts with a flick of the wrist. Microsoft released its Kinect software developer kit free for ... download last June, allowing developers to create Windows-based applications that can interact with Kinect hardware. Since the kit release, literally thousands of applications have popped up, taking advantage of the Kinect camera- and microphone-based input. Banking does have to be among the most surprising applications, however. A New Spin on "Casual ... (view more)

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Mobile Banking in India: Luxury for the Rich, Necessity for the Poor

Grameen Solutions, an affiliate of the Grameen Bank in Bangladesh has teamed with Obopay, a mobile payment company based in California, to provide banking to a billion people using cellphones. The service targets customers who wish to send money to ... friends and family, charging 10 cents for every transaction. Obopay is already very active in the United States. Once an account has been opened, the user can transfer money between bank accounts, credit cards and even other mobile phones via text messages. When we really think about it, we are lucky to be living in a part of the world that offers ... (view more)

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Coming Soon: Cellphone Banking!

The Bank of America and Citibank are now offering nationwide services that allow their customers to do routine banking tasks using only their cell phones. As "smart" cell phones continue to revolutionize the market for mobile devices, so too will ... more banks look to remove the hassles of physically being inside of a financial institution in order to make simple transactions. The two social functions are merging as never before, combining work and play. The service provided by Bank of America allows customers who have cell phones with Internet access to check balances, pay bills and transfer ... (view more)

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