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Human Brain Cells Could Power Computers

Human brain cells could power computers of the future, according to a new study. Researchers say they've already seen a bunch of brain cells in a petri dish learn to play the old video game Pong. The bizarre-sounding concept already has a name: ... organoid intelligence, or OI for short. It's already prompted questions about the ethics involved. While the concept sounds pretty disturbing, the reality wouldn't be quite as unsettling as it might seem. There's no suggestion we'll be sticking human skulls inside the desktop computer in our living room. Instead, the idea is that brain cells, generated ... (view more)

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Strike Ball 3

Description Strike Ball 3 could be the most extreme 3D Breakout game ever created! The stunning graphics alone would be enough to propel the game to fame, but the realistic physics and outrageously animated levels are what will knock your socks off. ... Have you ever seen a Breakout game in which a tank tries to fend off attacking aliens? Featuring spectacular level design, wildly fun bonuses and powerful new weapons, Strike Ball 3 takes Breakout games to explosive heights! Key Features Tons of Levels And Bonus Items! Cool 3D Backgrounds! Pull The Ball To You On Command! Shop For Awesome Upgrades ... (view more)

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How to clean a mouse to ensure proper operation, Part 2

I received a few emails regarding last week's Visitor Feedback suggestion on " How to clean a mouse to ensure proper operation &quot ;. A few of you suggested not using a screwdriver / knife to chisel the dirt off the wheels of computer mouse. ... When I wrote the Visitor Feedback for that particular day, I envisioned my old "ball" mouse which came with steel wheels. I completely forgot about those old ball mice with plastic wheels -- in which case, my suggestion for using a knife or flathead screwdriver may potentially damage the wheel -- although, I think you would have to chisel ... (view more)

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