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WhatsApp Change May Hit Google Storage

WhatsApp users on Android could hit storage limits thanks to a change in Google policy. However, claims it could mean a "shock new fee" are misleading at best. Users of the popular messaging app can have their messages, including videos and images, ... automatically backed up from an Android device. However, WhatsApp itself does not handle the backup or store the data. Instead the backup is on Google Drive. Because WhatsApp doesn't hold backups itself, the Google Drive backup may be the only way to restore data when moving to a new phone, particularly when the old handset is broken or unavailable ... (view more)

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Tenebril LifeGuard 3.0 Review

Synopsis: How do you manage your personal information? Do you back it up once a day, once a week, once every month? Never? The fact is: system crashes happen, viruses strike, and Spyware is difficult to avoid. You may not think about backing up ... important documents every day, but when you need it -- you *really* need it! Introducing Tenebril Lifeguard 3.0 -- an automated backup solution designed to take the guesswork out of protecting your data. Don't get caught without it! LifeGuard 3.0: How it works Lifeguard is designed to blend power with ease of use. Its document-centric interface lets ... (view more)

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