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Microsoft: Don't Jump The Gun On Windows 10 Update

Microsoft says most users should hold off getting the next major Windows update until it's automatically installed. The unusual warning is because of some specific hardware compatibility problems that Microsoft is ironing out. The update has been ... dubbed the 'Creators Update' and is the second major update Microsoft has issued for Windows 10, though it has been making minor changes and additions since the system was released. Some but not all users have already received it as an automatic update. That's because Microsoft is deliberately rolling it out in stages and initially ... (view more)

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Microsoft: Install Windows 7 SP1 Or Lose Support

Microsoft has rolled out Service Pack 1 (SP1) for its Windows 7 operating system (OS) as an automatic update. The firm is also encouraging those with automatic updates turned off to manually download SP1 as soon as possible. A 'Service Pack' is a ... collection of important security and functionality updates for a particular operating system. Microsoft first rolled out Service Pack 1 for Windows 7 just over two years ago, in February 2011. SP1 Automatically Downloaded and Installed However, since that time Microsoft has only made SP1 available via manual installation, meaning Windows 7 users were ... (view more)

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Microsoft Explains Unusual Approach To Recent Security Update

Microsoft has this week issued a patch for a bug in the system used to develop active web pages. In a change from the company's normal procedures, the update had already been made available for manual downloading before testing was complete. The bug ... affected ASP.NET (Active Server Pages), a Microsoft system for creating dynamic rather than static web pages. That could cover a journey planner site that created custom results for the reader, as opposed to a page simply listing bus timetables. Passwords Exposed by Flaw The security flaw meant hackers could bypass encryption and see information ... (view more)

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