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US Government to Auction Virtual Currency

US Marshals are to auction off almost 30,000 Bitcoins, a controversial "virtual currency." The coins have a current market value of around $18 million dollars. The government confiscated the virtual currency when it raided an underground online ... trading site named Silk Road. Silk Road was not part of the ordinary World Wide Web, and could only be accessed using special web browser software. That made it extremely difficult to trace anyone using the site and their activity. The site was well known in the digital underground community for buying and selling services of both a legal and ... (view more)

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Seized Motorized La-Z-Boy Nets Police Over $10,000

A Minnesota man caught driving a recliner (yes, you read that right) under the influence has seen his beloved chair sold at auction for a surprising sum. Minnesota's Dennis LeRoy Anderson built the chair, which when it was first unveiled boasted an ... estimated retail value of over $43,000. Why? Because the rocket-on-wheels featured not only a comfy seat, but nitrous oxide boosters, stereo, working headlights, "sport" steering (right between the legs), six-speed gear shift, and rear-view mirrors. Oh, and cup holders, of course. (Source: ) The chair is powered by a single ... (view more)

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'Bleeding' Signals with Google

Google was the big loser in a recent bidding auction for the 700 MHz spectrum, which is being abandoned by television networks as the entire industry moves to digital format under Congressional order. Now, Google is trying to get the Federal ... Communications Commission (FCC) to allow mobile devices to use what is called the 'white space' that exists between TV channels. (Source: ) While the regulatory board is reportedly intrigued by Google's proposal, many doubts remain. White space is used as a barrier between television channels to prevent signals from one broadcast interfering ... (view more)

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Open Access Now Guaranteed For Wireless Airwaves

It's now guaranteed that a major part of America's wireless airwaves will be accessible to any device or computer program. That could mean more choice for cell phone owners who want to access the Internet on their phones. The guarantee comes because ... bidding on the relevant part of the airwaves (the C block of the 700 megahertz spectrum to be precise) has passed the $4.64 billion mark. The government has agreed to proposals, championed by Google, ruling that any bidder paying more than this amount would have to follow open-access rules. The airwaves are being freed up by television ... (view more)

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