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China Shuts Down Fake Apple Stores

Chinese officials have forced the closure of two bogus Apple Stores after they were exposed by a blogger. But the closure doesn't appear related to any trademark infringement, and three other similar suspected knock-off stores remain open. There is ... a key difference between these stores and those traders who offer counterfeit Western products: in this case, it's the store itself that is posing as a legitimate Apple outlet. The stores came to international attention after an Internet blog post by a woman who lives in Kunming, a city in Southern China. She spotted the store in the city and at ... (view more)

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MS Announces Location of First Retail Outlets

Microsoft announced a couple of weeks ago that some retail stores would be opening "right next door to Apple stores" this fall. At the time it wasn't clear if this was a deliberate strategy or merely a coincidence. That said, Microsoft has announced ... the locations for its first two retail stores: one will be located in The Shops at Mission Viejo, California and the other in Fashion Square in Scottsdale, Arizona. The California location already has an Apple store, though with two floors and more than a million square feet of store space in the mall, the Microsoft outlet won't necessarily be a ... (view more)

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