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Survey: Most Brits Drunk in Facebook Shots

A survey of British behavior on Facebook suggests the vast majority of pictures on the social network display intoxication, and that users are generally ignoring privacy controls. The survey, conducted by MyMemory, asked 1,781 British Facebook users ... about photographs they had posted or those in which they had been "tagged". While the sample size isn't what most scientists would consider large, the results are somewhat interesting. An astounding 76 per cent of all photos in the study showed those in the picture were drinking alcohol or had recently consumed alcoholic beverages. Scandalous ... (view more)

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Technology Makes It Easier For People To Tell Lies

"Look me in the eye." That old cliche is often said to get someone to tell the truth. But technology tends to eliminate that face-to-face (and eye-to-eye) contact. Therefore, it is logical to conclude that the use of technology -- such as text ... messaging or email -- makes it easier for people to lie. Well, that has now been officially confirmed: by 72 Point, a poll company based in the United Kingdom. (Source: ) 72 Point conducted its study on behalf of Friends Provident PLC, a British financial services group. (Source: ) According to the survey, nearly 75 percent of the poll- ... (view more)

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