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Google Cracks Down on Rogue Browser Extensions

Google is cracking down on Chrome browser extensions that risk user privacy. The new policies err on the side of caution and follow a Washington Post investigation that claimed millions of users had data stolen by rogue browser extensions. A browser ... extension, also called an "add-on" in some browsers, is a third-party tool that users can incorporate into their web browser. It's designed to add extended functions to the browser, which then make using the browser and web much easier. Examples of extensions include: a password manager, which can remember user passwords and ... (view more)

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Google Cracks Down On Browser Scams

Google is taking several more steps to make browser extensions safer. It's giving users more control and cracking down on some common rogue practices. The changes are to Chrome's extensions. Also known as add-ons with some browsers, extensions are ... third-party tools designed to improve the online experience using a web browser. For example, an Amazon extension lets users send text on a web page (such as a lengthy article) straight to their Kindle e-reader as a document with one click. By nature, extensions need some degree of access to and control over Chrome itself, which sometimes means the ... (view more)

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Firefox 57 to Kill Many Addons: Tab Groups Alternative

Infopackets Reader Jean K. writes: " Dear Dennis, Recently my Firefox web browser updated to version 56.0.2. When I go Tools -> Add-ons , I see most of my addons are marked as ' Legacy '. I read online that when Firefox 57 is released, it will ... use ' web extensions ,' (also spelt " WebExtensions ") which will make the current addons incompatible. This is a big problem! I have been using the ' Tab Groups ' addon by Quicksaver for a while now (which groups my web browser tabs into categories) and cannot imagine life without this incredibly helpful addon. Unfortunately the developer ... (view more)

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How to Make a Firefox 3 Theme for Firefox 4

Firefox 4 was released to the public just a few days ago, and like many, I was quick to jump on this most marvelous upgrade. Firefox 4 is definitely faster than 3, and it surely uses less memory. However, the layout has been driving me absolutely ... nuts for the last few days. Wanted: Firefox 3 Theme for Firefox 4 Call me old fashioned, but I really, really, *really* liked the button layout of Firefox 3 much better than 4. The home page and refresh buttons, for example, have been moved and things are much more condensed. I also didn't care for the new color scheme. By the end of the day, I was ... (view more)

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