Microsoft Begs Users to Stick with Edge Browser

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Microsoft is to display a "nag box" to users of Windows 10 who switch their default browser to Chrome or Firefox. The box will urge users to stick with the built-in Edge browser.

The new nag screen came to light in a leaked version of an upcoming update to Windows 10. This edition, known as build 10568, isn't supposed to be available to anyone yet, not even those who've signed up to be the first to try out planned updates. However, Microsoft has confirmed that the new notification is genuine.

The screen will appear whenever users try to switch the default browser, which is the one that appears automatically whenever a user clicks on a web page link. It shouldn't affect users that have already used a rival browser before upgrading.

Screen Promotes Edge Features

The message reads (with punctuation):

"Give Microsoft Edge a shot. Before you switch defaults, see what you can do in an app built just for Windows 10: write on webpages and share your ideas; read distraction-free with reading view, [and] get answers in the browser from Cortana, your personal assistant (where available)."

The user will then see a choice between "Don't switch and try it now" and "Switch anyway." The former option is selected by default, meaning the user must actively choose to confirm their decision to switch browser. (Source:

Microsoft told The Inquirer that the notification is there "to provide people with quick, easy information that can help them get to know these experiences better." (Source:

Move Appears To Be Legal

It doesn't appear as if the screens would violate any laws, a subject Microsoft is very sensitive about after previous legal battles in Europe over the way it made Internet Explorer the default browser with Windows. However, the move will certainly annoy rival browser developers along with some users who were already determined to make the switch (for example after trying Edge and finding it insufficient for their needs).

The move may not be restricted to web browsers. It also appears Microsoft is planning to display similar messages for users who try to change the default apps for other activities such as photo viewing or playing music.

What's Your Opinion?

Is Microsoft within its rights to put this extra message up to people making the switch? Will it backfire by irritating users? Do you think nag screens like this are a price worth paying for the free upgrade?

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Dennis Faas's picture

I can deal with a one-time nag, but if it goes beyond that I would be extremely annoyed. As it stands now, nothing would make me want to switch to Edge on my PC, though using it on a Windows phone may be a different story.

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Like many of the other options in ms operating systems, there should be an option to "do not show this message again". The nag to get Windows 10 is bad enough, and has convinced me that I will NEVER switch to 10 until MS deletes their message asking me to get it. I'm sure somebody will figure out an option to remove the annoying "beg" but uninstalling it is still a pain the the neck. As far as being free is concerned: "you get what you pay for". If you want me to "test" your software, hire me and pay me for my time.

With all of the issues and problems I've read about 10 aleady, I plan on waiting until the last minute when ms FORCES me to upgrade because they'll end security and support for any and all earlier operating systems preceding 10.

Whoever in the marketing department at ms came up with these "nag" ideas should be fired. These intrusive things are only ANNOYING users!

Navy vet's picture

What are all these "issues and problems" you read about? I found Windows 10 to be the smoothest upgrade yet. I have had no problems.

hrleno's picture

This is just one more reason why I didn't like Win10 and went back to Win7. After installing Win10, I had spent an hour 'lobotomizing' it to keep my privacy as well as removing any files stored on my computer to make my (and others apparently) experience better. When and if the day comes where I have to get off of Win7 due to lack of support, I'll start using a Linux operating system for my main system.

I'm currently using it as a secondary system.

And for those one or two applications that will only run on a Windows platform after I fully revert to Linux, I can have them on a laptop and use them during tax time.

That is until Intuit decides to migrate to Ubuntu, then it's sayonara Microsoft.

It's too bad those folks at Redmond deem themselves the guardians of what I want.

guitardogg's picture

I think Windows 10 is the best "first version" of any Windows release so far. Though based on past disasters, the bar was set pretty low. Just when I thought MS might just be changing their philosophy, they go and put in these annoying "nags" that I feel are very disrespectful to their users. Win us over to Edge, etc, by making them compelling to use, better than the alternatives, not by annoying us! IE sucked so bad for so long, you can't blame us for being skeptical about Edge.

SeaSteve's picture

Until I can use my password manager extension the browser is useless.

Syscob Support's picture

Windows 7 users, or fools who upgraded to 8 and 8.1, can avoid the Windows 10 nags with this download:

RButts_5424's picture

Personally, I like Edge! However, extensions give the user a lot of versatility. And I agree with a previous comment about the use of PW extensions. Personally, I'm LOST without my Roboform. Having to open it and keep it in the tray just adds unnecessary steps. MS needs to step up and join the "real" world!

wendy_5625's picture

I would be interested in trying the Edge browser , however since it won't allow third party extensions such as LastPass I won't be using it. I rely heavly on "LastPass" as I am getting to the age of no return for my
I also don't like Bing for my searches and it comes up every time. So I agree with the above poster RButts 5424

ClemsKreb's picture

As I previously said on another post that said only 1 out of 8 Windows 10 users were using the Edge browser, I mentioned I had stopped using IE for all intents and purposes back in 1995 when IE was first launched, so why in God's name would I waste my time using anything Microsoft's mentally challenged developers could come up with. This just confirms my decision not to upgrade my current computer from WIN7 to WIN10, the very thought that bottom feeding pieces of living excrement would put on my computer a NAG Warning, forcing me to waste my time choosing between trying their total crap and what I've been using for years!!!

Like I said MS DROP DEAD you pack of Triple A HOLES!