Edge Browser Slowly Improving

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Microsoft's Edge browser has had a couple of usability tweaks in response to user feedback. However, some planned and hoped-for improvements are yet to materialize.

The two changes are showcased in a test preview of Windows 10 that's available to people who have signed up for early access to new features, so it may be a little while before they are available to the general public.

The first change is the addition of synchronized bookmarks, a feature common in other browsers. Edge users will now be able to access and update bookmarks across multiple devices as long as they are signed in to the same Microsoft account. Surprisingly this seems to be turned off by default, though this could change once it's officially rolled out.

Middle Mouse Button More Powerful

The second change brings added controls using the middle button on the mouse, which for many people is a clickable scroll wheel. Pressing down on the scroll wheel while using Edge currently opens a new tab. With the new changes, clicking the same button while the mouse cursor is on the Edge icon on the desktop, taskbar or Start menu will open a new Edge window, even if one is already open. This is a feature that is already available in Internet Explorer. (Source: neowin.net)

That said, there is still no sign of the tab preview feature that Microsoft previously talked about. When that appears, it will mean that hovering over a tab at the top of the browser will bring up a small thumbnail image showing what is on the relevant web page.

What's really surprising is that all three of these features were mentioned months ago. That raises the question of why Microsoft didn't have them ready when Edge launched alongside Windows 10. (Source: windowscentral.com)

Extensions and Add-Ons Still Missing

Edge is also still missing any form of add-on or extension system, in which third-party developers can make tools that use the browser. Microsoft has never promised such a feature, but it seems a major omission considering it's available in most major rival browsers.

One possible explanation is that it wants to keep Edge as simple and quick as possible, and allowing third-party tools could risk slowing it down or even crashing.

What's Your Opinion?

Have you tried the Edge browser? Have you noticed any missing features that you expect in a browser? Does Edge offer performance benefits that make up for its lack of bells and whistles.

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Dennis Faas's picture

The lack of extensions and add-ons is a real killer. I have been using Roboform to generate, remember and automatically fill my passwords to websites since 2003. If I can't use Roboform then I won't use the browser. That aside, I have Firefox set up just the way I want it with - you guess it - more add-ons that allow me to set up tab groups and move my tabs in and out of different groups. It's SUPER convenient if you do a lot of work and have many projects on the go (like I do). That add-on is called "Tabs Groups Helper" and it's simply fantastic.

chris.common_3450's picture

I totally agree. I don't use Roboform but do use Lastpass. Until MS allow valid extensions for these "must have" password management programs, I will not be using Edge.

Navy vet's picture

It looks pretty fresh, I like the appearance. I'll consider it again when Roboform works on it. We also need a good ad blocker for Edge. For now Firefox has everything I need .

bob_baer's picture

I'm practically never the one to say 'me too!', but in this instance you guys all nailed it. I have about 2,000 passwords in RoboForm and can't live without it!

Edge does seem fast and well laid out. I do use it when I just need a simple question answered. Let's see how well it performs when it has matured...

stooobeee's picture

I as well use Last Pass and need it to respond on Edge. Also, many times I attempt to Close out, and nothing happens; I must use Task Manager to end the Process.

ecash's picture

As with many recent games, we are buying a BATA PRODUCT??
And any early adopters, are going to need to suffer..

taktech1_5545's picture

Yes they finally fixed bookmarks which is a killer for many. And yes we have yet to see add-on's or extensions. But we have yet to see MS's promise to allow changing the default search engine to a users choice like all the other browsers. This too is a killer at least for me. I wish there was some kind of announcement from MS as to when these features will be available. As is, the whole of the release of Windows 10 was too early for all the ruff edges, broken or malfunctioning features, incomplete features like Edge, drab colors for many things and until recently saying nothing about peoples concern about privacy issues about all the data it sends home more than two months after the release.