Smart Devices, Cloud to Dominate IT Trends in 2015

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Industry analysts at Gartner have released their list of the top trends in information technology (IT) for 2015. The general theme appears to be a growing -- and perhaps troubling -- reliance on web-connected devices and the cloud.

Topping Gartner's list is the 'computing everywhere' concept, also known as ubiquitous computing. The research firm believes 2015 will be about expanding access to computing capabilities, from placing touchscreens in connected cars, to washing machines and dryers.

To many, it's an exciting trend that will allow people unprecedented access to their devices and the Internet. But it could spell trouble for IT administrators who haven't yet developed security plans for a growing number of connected devices at work. According to Gartner analyst David Cearley, 2015 will present IT administrators with new security challenges they may not be prepared to meet. (Source:

'Smarter' Devices to Stand Prominently in 2015

Three-dimensional (3D) printing also figures prominently on Gartner's list. Although the technology has been around for some time, only now are consumers starting to take advantage of it. Cearley believes 3D printing offers enterprise users the most promise, since it could completely change how companies do business.

Gartner says analytics will be another major trend in 2015. The expansion of telematics (tracking technology coupled with devices) will help companies keep tabs on just about everything. The report suggests that companies will begin to collect vast sums of data and will turn to a growing number of analytics applications to study that information. Of course, this trend will undoubtedly raise concerns about privacy.

Gartner also expects that we'll see more "smart machines" in 2015, such as autonomous vehicles and virtual personal assistants. Most of the world's leading automotive companies, from Ford to General Motors and Toyota, are actively testing self-driving cars and 'smart' driving platforms, like lane departure warning systems.

More Companies Will Embrace the Cloud

Unsurprisingly, Gartner expects cloud architecture to expand in 2015 as well, making it easier for us to access data from any device. Gartner says it expects more companies to embrace cloud technology, with those refusing to do so risking falling behind the competition.

The underlying theme to this year's report: a growing dependence on technology, and particularly web-connected devices. That leaves one big question yet to be answered: will these radical changes in IT create massive security gaps for cybercriminals to exploit?

Gartner insists that IT administrators will need to think past perimeter defense strategies and consider multi-faceted approaches to security. This may involve dynamic and static application security testing, meaning systems are constantly monitored for threats. (Source:

What's Your Opinion?

Do the information technology trends mentioned in this report surprise you? Are you concerned about our growing dependence on 'connected' devices or cloud technology? Do you think Gartner missed any major IT trends for 2015?

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