Samsung Galaxy S5: Best Smartphone Ever Built?

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The next version of Samsung's very popular Galaxy smartphone comes equipped with two extremely handy new features. According to reports, Samsung's new Galaxy S5 will be both waterproof, dustproof, and come with sturdy curved casing.

Samsung has taken charge of the smartphone market in recent years and much of that dominance is due to the success of the Galaxy series.

Both the Galaxy S4 and the Galaxy S3 were runaway hits with consumers who prefer an Android-based device to a smartphone running Apple's iOS mobile operating system.

Galaxy S5 Not the First Waterproof Phone

But Samsung's hold on the smartphone market is very tenuous. Consumers have embraced the newest versions of Apple's iPhone, including the luxurious iPhone 5s and the budget-priced (but still very powerful) iPhone 5c.

Samsung's Galaxy S5 could give the Korean firm the edge it needs, however. Reports from ZDNet Korea indicate that the Galaxy S5 will be both waterproof and dustproof. (Source:

But even if the rumors are true, the Galaxy S5 will not be the first waterproof phone. Sony's Xperia smartphone already makes that claim, and many industry experts have carried out tests showing the device to easily manage a dunk in the tub or swimming pool.

Super High Definition Screen and Curved Casing

But those leaked reports suggest there's more to the Galaxy S5 than its waterproof casing. The device will also reportedly boast an impressive 1,440 x 2,560-pixel screen. (Source:

Given that the phone's display is expected to measure 5.2 inches, that would mean the device carries a 560 pixels per inch screen rating. If you're keeping score, the iPhone 5s has a pixels per inch rating of 326. (Source:

Beyond that, rumors suggest the new Galaxy S5 will feature a metal, curved casing -- giving it more durability and a different shape than its predecessors. It's also been suggested that Samsung will offer two different versions of the Galaxy S5, with one maintaining the polycarbonate plastic casing of the Galaxy S4 and one using the new, metal build.

Galaxy S5: Questions about Pricing

Naturally, there are questions about pricing.

A waterproof, dustproof, and generally more durable metal frame won't be cheap to produce. That could leave the newest, top-of-the-line Samsung Galaxy smartphone too expensive for many consumers. (Source:

It's also worth noting that Apple's expected to make drastic changes to the iPhone later this year. In fact, the UK's Telegraph reports that an upcoming iPhone 6 will feature a slimmer, more durable frame and a better screen (featuring a higher though still unknown resolution). However, it's uncertain if such a display will match the Galaxy S5's 520 PPI screen.

Of course, the success of a smartphone depends on more than just a lush, high-definition screen. Those can be found in a number of phones (like the HTC One and Nokia Lumia 920) that fail to challenge the Galaxy and iPhone for top spot in the highly competitive mobile market.

Further details about the Galaxy S5 are expected to be released this week, when Samsung officially reveals the device at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain.

What's Your Opinion?

Looking forward, are you thinking of purchasing the new Galaxy S5 or are the device's new features not enough to warrant an 'upgrade'? Does a waterproof and more durable frame mean anything to you? Have you ever had to purchase a new phone due to accidental water damage? If so, was it costly to replace and did you buy the same phone?

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Well - don't really have an opinion until I have the facts - this is all still conjecture. Don't make decisions on that basis.

ladyjazz99's picture

More information is needed. I was thinking a Galaxy could be my next phone!

bbar05's picture

more info untill i see unit than i shall comment at that time

lilbj87's picture

I've had an S2 in the past and am currently using an S3 and i've loved both of them so far. I would say the Galaxy series phones are pretty good and ahead of the game as far as technology is concerned. Plus, anyone who can give Apple a run for their money is worth a look as an equal alternative to the IPhone.

al's picture

I'd prefer a phone that was flexible rather than that convex shape. I'm a phone in back pocket of jeans man so would mean the more vulnerable screen side is outside. Otherwise it sounds good. Wonder when phones will actually be more pliable?

abhishek.moitra01's picture

Well, it would be interesting to note; what major improvements that samsung can bring in with S5 specially as compared to S4. As far as tweaks such as the resolution or the waterproof feature; that is not something that consumers would die for!!

More innovation needs to be brought in !!! (Hope Apple got my Point !!!)