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I have received many frequently asked questions since the new site went live. I'll answer a few questions below.

"Why haven't I received any newsletters since December 28?"

There have been no newsletters published since the old server was discontinued, the new server went live, and all major bugs have been resolved.

We expect more bugs to appear in the coming days as users come back to the site and after we send out our first newsletter on the new newsletter delivery system (after making this announcement), so please be patient. Going forward, newsletter delivery will most likely be delayed and/or sporadic as we rebuild our mass email reputation and as email service providers allow us past their filtering.

"I'm a newsletter subscriber, but I can't login to the site. Why?"

Please note that the login page is not for making changes to your newsletter subscription. The login page is for logging into the system (assuming you've already created an account, first) so that you can comment on articles and edit your user profile page on the new site.

If you need to make changes to your newsletter subscription, please visit the newsletter preferences page.

"Why does my user account have a random profile image?"

Once you create an account with us, it will automatically be assigned an "identicon" graphic.

This graphic is used to identify you when leaving comments on the site and will be shown on your user profile page. The image is created by taking your email address and 'hashing' it through an algorithm, which generates a unique image. If you want to use a custom image for your user account, please read the next frequently asked question.

"How can I upload my own custom user account profile image?"

This was an intended feature of the new site, but there is currently a nasty bug in the system that is permitting us from using it. Unfortunately, we're out of funds to have this feature corrected and set live, so we've made a workaround:

1. Create a new account with Infopackets - remember which email address you used, then proceed to step #2.

2. Sign into; register the same email address as you did with Infopackets.

Hint: if you created your account using a social login, please go the social provider (Facebook, Twitter, etc) and review your account profile to see which email address you have registered with them.

3. Upload a profile image to; assign the image to the email address you used in Step #1.

4. Once you've finished, come back to your user profile page on Infopackets and refresh the page. Our system should pick up the changes automatically and your profile image should be updated.

Useful Links / Pages on The New Site

Our new website has many new pages. I'll describe some important changes below.

How to Register an Account / Comment on Articles

You can now comment on our articles using your very own Infopackets user account. Creating an account requires authentication / verification.

There are two ways you can register:

1. By email verification. Simply file for an account using your email address; wait for an email from our system; click the 'reset password' verification link inside the email, and set a new password online the site. Once your password is set, you can log out and log back in and everything should be good to go!

2. Optionally, you can sign in using a social login*. If you have an account with Facebook, Google, Twitter, LinkedIn, or MSN Live, simply click the corresponding graphic link on the registration page and your account will be created automatically on our web site.

Please note that once you use a social login to create your account, you cannot change your user name after it's been registered. This is not necessarily a bug in the system, but rather a feature that we need to implement to resolve. If you need a custom user name, please use the email verification (method #1 above) rather than social login when creating an account with us. You can always attach a social login to your account after using the email verification method.

Logging in to the Site

You can login to the site using the 'login' link at the top of every page on the site, or by using the link below:

The Newsletter Preferences Page

The newsletter preference page allows you to change your email address for the email newsletter, or update which days you want the newsletter delivered. Once you enter your email address on this page and click "Continue", you will be sent an email and a special link which allows you to make changes to your account.

Subscribe / Unsubscribe to the Email Newsletter

To subscribe to the email newsletter, use the link below:

The unsubscribe link will also be present in every email newsletter sent out and published on every page of the web site. To unsubscribe from the email newsletter, click the link below:

That is all for now. Assuming nothing major breaks after sending out this announcement, we hope to resume our regular publishing schedule next week.


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