'MailDrop' Service Offers Disposable Email Address

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Want to access a service that requires an email address but don't want your inbox bombarded with annoying spam messages? Then you may be interested in disposable email address service 'MailDrop'.

In essence, MailDrop gives you access to a throwaway email address. That's a useful tool for scenarios where you want to try out a new service or learn information about a program or product but don't want to receive a plethora of unnecessary spam emails.

MailDrop is especially useful in situations where accessing a program, product, or service requires you send a confirmation message via email. Usually this is how websites get users to sign up for an unappealing newsletter.

Setting Up An Account Easy, But Open to Public

The way MailDrop works is pretty simple -- imagine a prefix for your email address and then simply add @maildrop.cc. For example, I might go with bdimmel@maildrop.cc. (Source: pcworld.com)

Say I go to a site that offers a free dinner coupon but in order to access that coupon I need to enter an email address. This is a perfect moment to use my bdimmel@maildrop.cc email.

To access the coupon and / or confirmation email for the service, all I need to do is visit the official MailDrop site, type in my prefix (bdimmel) and click 'Go'. That gives me access to my throwaway inbox, where I can read and delete emails.

The only thing to keep in mind: anyone else who might use that same prefix can see what you've signed up for.

In effect, this makes your inbox public. That also means it's worth choosing a random prefix that incorporates letters and numbers.

Emails Won't Be Deleted, MailDrop Says

MailDrop makes clear on its official website that it takes no responsibility for protecting information and insists that users avoid sending sensitive data to their MailDrop email address. (Source: maildrop.cc)

MailDrop is very similar to another service called 'Mailinator', which has been around for a few years. However, unlike Mailinator MailDrop won't delete your emails within a few hours' time.

To access the MailDrop site, click here.

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