Internet Explorer 10: Best Against Malware

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A new study has found that Microsoft's Internet Explorer 10 is the best browser when it comes to defending against malware threats. The study, which was carried out by NSS Labs, involved more than 700 different types of malware.

NSS collected data over the course of 28 days by studying the impact malicious software had on the built-in protection measures found in Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, and Safari.

Internet Explorer 10 Blocks 99% of Malware Threats

NSS says it found that Internet Explorer 10 blocked 99 per cent of the malicious threats tossed its way. (Source:

That placed Internet Explorer 10 a long ways ahead of its rivals. For example, Google's Chrome browser, which finished second in the study, blocked 83 per cent of the malicious threats it faced.

Still, given that this is a 10 per cent improvement compared to previous tests, Google should be pleased with the results.

Only Internet Explorer 10 and Chrome performed well in the test. NSS found that Safari and Firefox each blocked only about 10 per cent of malware threats, while the latest version of Opera blocked a mere two per cent of malicious software attacks.

CAMP Technology Keeps IE, Chrome Users Safe

What sets Internet Explorer 10 and Chrome apart from the rest of the pack?

Both use CAMP (content agnostic malware protection) schemes, meaning they carefully evaluate the reputation of a download source before allowing the download and installation process to continue.

"Google's Safe Browsing API v2 includes additional application reputation-based download protection that has been integrated into Chrome," NSS researchers said.

Meanwhile, Opera's anti-malware strategy, which involves a partnership with Russian Internet company Yandex, doesn't appear to be working.

The good news, according to NSS: it won't take much for Mozilla, Safari, and Opera to change these results.

"With just a few lines of code, Firefox, Safari, and Opera could displace Internet Explorer and Chrome as the leaders of protection against socially engineered malware," the researchers said. (Source:

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