An Introduction to Temerc's AntiSpyware

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Let me introduce myself for those of you that do not know who I am; my name is Tom Mercado (Aka 'TeMerc') and for the most part, the forums I visit are part of the Alliance of Security Analysis Professionals, (also known as ASAP). For over a year and a half now I have been directly involved in helping users remove and eliminate various forms of Spyware issues (malwares). With all of the choices out there it is often hard to narrow things down; however that said I personally recommend using HijackThis!, in conjunction with a variety of other internet security applications and tools. Since my forum's inception, I have accumulated well over 14,000 posts to users; but by no means will I have all the answers. The reason being that there is always more to learn when dealing with Spyware infections!

Over the course of the last few months, Dennis and I have emailed one another regarding the removal instructions for certain Spyware infections. After announcing that he would be opening up to his users, I was then contacted by Dennis and given this opportunity to offer infopackets Readers advice and recommend removal procedures. While some of the postings may not be too detailed, they will be used as a starting point that will help by getting folks started in the right direction. For much more detailed and specific removal instructions, I invite you to post a HijackThis! logfile into my Countermeasures Extraction Help Forum.

Along with posting various Spyware removal procedures, I will also be sharing with you the many ways to keep your system safe and secure using applications that have been tried and tested by myself and others. Most of these recommendations will be for software that can often be found for free (always an added bonus!). That said there are some areas of security I believe it is wise for all computer users to invest some money in; but we will tackle that in a later time. In addition I will also provide some interesting links often to the vast array of websites I have collected over the years. Many of them I have already posted on my site, and include: TeMerc Internet Countermeasures or in my forums.

I look forward to hearing from you, and helping you to resolve your situation to the best of my abilities. But please remember when sending me requests for help there are things I need you to include, such as your current OS (Operating System) and any suspect file names you do not quite trust, along with the symptoms you are experiencing. You can also provide any other info which you feel is relevant and will be of aid to me in helping you solve whatever may be troubling you. Remember one thing though; you cannot give me too much information (I cannot stress this enough)! The more information you can provide me will make it much easier to research removal methods to help you.

Safe and Secure Surfing!!

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