Microsoft Windows Store Reaches Major Milestone

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Microsoft's Windows Store has hit a new plateau: 50,000 applications. It's an impressive start for the Windows Store, though there's a long way to go to match similar stores from Apple and Google.

Although the 50,000 app level is impressive, statistics show that the number of applications being submitted by developers each day has actually declined from late last year. (Source:

Back in December 2012, shortly after the Windows 8 launch, the Windows Store received about 400 new applications each and every day. However, by February 2013 that number was closer to 150.

Microsoft Cash Reward System Revives Interest

In recent weeks that number has rebounded to just under 300 apps per day.

Helping to revive developer interest in the Windows Store has been a new offer from Microsoft, which involves rewarding developers with $100 cash for every application they submit.

The deal started on March 8 and will run until June 30, 2013 -- though experts have suggested Microsoft may kill the arrangement once the number of applications hits 10,000.

There are stipulations to consider as well: according to Microsoft Principal Developer Evangelist Jennifer Marsman, each app "must be substantially unique and different."

"A-List Apps" Required, Expert Says

Experts point out that, even at 50,000 apps, Microsoft is still far behind Apple, which currently offers roughly 821,000 apps to users of the iOS platform.

But those same experts also note that, for Microsoft, the focus must be on quality over quantity.

"This doesn't solve their fundamental challenge, which is to get A-list apps onto the app store," noted Patrick Moorhead, an analyst for Moor Insights and Strategy. (Source:

"What they're going for is the long tail, a very long tail [of the number of apps], which is important, but it doesn't solve the problem that they have, such as the lack of a Facebook app, the lack of support for important apps like Time-Warner's TWC-TV."

Still, the 50,000 app plateau is an important achievement for Microsoft, which will no doubt use that total to encourage more development at the upcoming Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, California.

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