RIM Returns to Tablet Market with BlackBerry 10

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Right now there's a lot of buzz surrounding Research in Motion (RIM), makers of the BlackBerry smartphone. The Canadian company is preparing to release its much-anticipated BlackBerry 10 mobile operating system (OS) on January 30, 2013.

But it's not just smartphones that will receive BlackBerry 10 -- instead, reports indicate that new tablet computers could also be running the upcoming mobile OS.

In a recent press release RIM noted that it plans to release BlackBerry 10 for both smartphones and tablet computers. And while everyone expected the firm would be returning to the smartphone market, its plan to produce new tablet computers is a little surprising.

PlayBook Ghosts Could Scare Consumers


Because the last Research in Motion tablet computer, the PlayBook, wasn't exactly a 'hit'. The device received a lukewarm response from consumers when it was released two years ago. That prompted RIM and electronics retailers to heavily discount the 7-inch PlayBook tablet.

RIM's return to the tablet market shows just how confident the company is in its new mobile OS, BlackBerry 10. The company says that not a single line of code from the previous BlackBerry OS will be found in this new mobile operating system.

Early reports suggest BlackBerry 10 is easier to use and much faster than RIM's last mobile OS. (Source: ubergizmo.com)

Applications Could Present a Problem

However, it wasn't the PlayBook's OS that was the problem -- instead, most consumers were simply put off by the lack of applications available for the device.

It's the same problem owners of the Microsoft Surface are facing right now. By comparison to the Apple iPad and Google Nexus 7, there just aren't many apps available to download.

It's not yet clear when BlackBerry 10-equipped smartphones, let alone tablet computers, will be available for purchase. However, it's expected that major wireless carriers will unveil BlackBerry 10 devices by early February. (Source: thedroidguy.com)

If that prediction proves accurate, BlackBerry 10-equipped phones and tablets could be available at retail outlets very soon.

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