Windows 8: How to Shut Down in One Click

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Here's a great question we recently received from a loyal Infopackets subscriber:

"Dear Infopackets Team,

I just purchased a brand new Windows 8 PC. I was really excited to try out the new operating system, but I've been having trouble getting used to all the small changes.

For example, it's been difficult figuring out just how I'm supposed to shut my new laptop down! Is there a way to do this quickly and easily?

Thanks, Merrill B."

My Response:

When Microsoft introduced Windows 8's new user interface, it changed a great many operating system features. One major change: the shutdown process.

Unlike Windows 7, you can't easily access the shutdown option via the Start Menu. Instead, Windows 8 asks users to go through about four different actions just to power down their computers.

Luckily, there is a way to cut through this lengthy process and make Windows 8 shut down with just a single click.

Shutting Down Windows 8: Quick and Easy

First, get to the main desktop screen.

Next, right click on the desktop and select New --> Shortcut.

When the menu appears, click 'Create new Shortcut.'

When Windows 8 asks you what item you'd like to create a shortcut for, enter the following command: 'shutdown /s /t 0'. (By the way, that's a zero. Also, make sure not to include a period or the quotations.) Then click 'Next.'

Enter a name for the new shortcut ('Shutdown' is a good choice) and click 'Finish.'

Selecting a Shutdown Icon

Next, right click on your brand new shortcut and then left click on 'Properties.' A new dialog box will appear.

Click 'Change Icon.' When Windows 8 tells you that 'The file C:\Windows\System32\shutdown.exe contains no icons, click 'OK.'

You'll now be asked to select an icon from a list of images. Pick the one that suits you best.

Once you've done that, right click the shortcut again. Select 'Pin to Start.' Now your brand new, customized shutdown icon will appear continuously on the operating system's Start screen.

You can repeat all of these steps to create a new Restart shortcut, as well. The only difference: after selecting 'Create new Shortcut' you'll have to enter the command 'shutdown /r /t 0' (zero again). The "r" is for "Restart."

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